Newark Mayor to Trump: Forget the Wall! Our City’s Water Has ‘Dangerously High’ Levels of Lead

Newark, N.J., Mayor Ras J. Baraka wrote a letter to Donald Trump, urging the president to ditch his potential plan to fund his long-sought border wall with emergency funds and instead send some of that money to Newark to replace faulty lead lines that are leaking “dangerously high levels of lead” into the city’s tap

Why Is NBC News Afraid of the Word Racist? Why Does CNN Want Us to Give Bigots a Pass? [Update: NBC—Never Mind] 

Why is it that in the year 2019, we still have legacy media outlets that are afraid to call a thing what it is? Why is it that we have legacy media outlets bending over backward and concerning themselves with the feelings and sensitivities of racists and bigots? What is the problem, NBC? What are you doing, CNN?

Racist Shows Up to Harass Black Woman at  Press Conference Announcing He Won't Be Charged For Harassing Black Woman

At a press conference, Monday, Vermont’s chief law enforcement officer almost completed one of the greatest performances of whitesplaining in recent history as he announced that he wouldn’t file charges against a white nationalist who allegedly stalked, harassed and terrified one of the state’s only black lawmakers.