Black Panther's Killmonger Is Everyone Who Loves Wakanda Even Though It Didn't Love Us

Black Panther’s Erik Killmonger is not a charismatic show stealer like Thor’s Loki, or a profoundly deranged monster like Jessica Jones’ Kilgrave, but he is easily one of Marvel’s most compelling, heartbreaking, and relatable villains to date. Killmonger definitely isn’t “good,” but he isn’t entirely “bad,” either.

Whose World Is This? Black Panther Production Designer Hannah Beachler Walks Us Through Wakanda 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already visited Wakanda—maybe two or three times during Black Panther’s record-breaking opening weekend. Otherwise, I know you wouldn’t want to spoil your upcoming trip by reading the incredible conversation The Glow Up had with the film’s production designer, Hannah…


‘Patriotic’ Trump Supporter Finds Out She Was Tricked by Russian Trolls and Her Reaction Is Hilarious

Florine Gruen Goldfarb loves America. She is a real, down-home patriot. So much so that she unwittingly promoted Russian-coordinated events on Facebook in support of Donald Trump. Goldfarb, who runs the Team Trump Broward County Facebook page, was one of the 53 percent of white women who backed Trump in 2016 and…

Oprah Brought SuperSoul Conversations to the Apollo and Shifted the Energy of All of Harlem

When Oprah builds it, we all come. She’s got this undeniable Midas touch, which is why we want her to save America by running for president, but we don’t deserve the precious soul that is Oprah as the leader of the free world. In fact, in order for her to keep her limitless effervescence, it’s best that we keep Momma…