Black Woman Arrested After Charles Schwab Deposited $1.2 Million in Her Account and She Refused to Give It Back

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Quavo took the Bentley back.

Don’t act like you didn’t call him petty when you learned that after Saweetie broke up with one-third of the Migos and his petty-ass took the Bentley back from his then-boo.


Well, keep that same energy.

Charles Schwab & Co. reportedly deposited some $1.2 million into Kelyn Spadoni’s account and then got all mad about it when she moved the cash into another account and then refused to give it back.

Charles Schwab & Co. claims that the move was an accident but they weren’t saying all that when everything was good and Spadoni was washing Charles Schwab & Co.’s filthy ass drawers. I swear, some dudes get real different when they don’t get what they want.

Though the money was put into Spadoni’s account, Capt. Jason Rivarde, a Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, said “It’s not her money.”

“She has no legal claim to that money,” he added. “Even if it was put in there by mistake. It was an accounting error.”

Whatever, Quavo.

Spadoni–get this–was fired from her job as a 911 dispatcher working for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Wait, she worked for the police and didn’t know they were on to her?


She not only got fired but she got arrested and is being sued in federal court by Charles Schwab & Co., which claims that Spadoni ghosted them.

And this is how it all went down from

According to the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court in New Orleans, Spadoni opened an account with Schwab in January. About a month later, the company installed an “enhancement” to the software used to transfer assets, court records said.

On Feb. 23, Schwab meant to transfer $82.56 into a Fidelity Brokerage Services account also owned by Spadoni. But the company, instead, transferred $1,205,619, court records said. Staffers with the company immediately tried to stop or reclaim the transfer, but couldn’t.

The next day, Schwab sent a reclaim request to the institution that administers the account where money was mistakenly sent. But the request was rejected, with Schwab receiving a “CASH NOT AVAILABLE” notification, court records said.


Which is the same notification I give bill collectors right before I hang up the phone.

They couldn’t get the money because Spandoni moved that hoe to another account because she didn’t want Charles Schwab & Co. trying to be on some “gimme my money back” shit.


“By her conduct, Spadoni has made it clear she does not intend to return the mistakenly transferred funds to Schwab,” the lawsuit said.

It’s it clear? Spandoni thought a broke Charles Schwab & Co. said something.

Because Schwab is on some petty-ish, they contacted the Sheriff’s Office, which opened a criminal investigation and found that the entrepreneurial woman had already gotten a new house and a car. According to, for some reason unbeknownst to god, Spadoni got a 2021 Hyundai Genesis sport utility vehicle. Hyundai was reportedly suspicious because Spandoni didn’t appear forced to buy the car as she looked to have walked into the showroom of her own free will. Hydunai knows that no one buys a Hyundai of their own free will.


Rivarde told they’ve already received 75% of the money but are so petty that they still want the other 25%.

Apparently there is some wording in the contract with Schwab that if you receive an overpayment you have to return the funds.


“If someone accidentally puts an extra zero on a utility payment, they would want that money returned or credited to them. This is no different,” Rivarde said.

Spandoni was with the Sheriff’s Office for four and a half years and was being held on a $50,000 bond, which she could pay but she didn’t want to take her wallet out in front of Schwab.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


Naw she knows what she did and damn you for making me side with the police! I may never forgive you.

Also you clearly haven’t driven a Hyundai in a while and/or fail to realize that Genesis is its own brand now. Hyundai done grown up, Stephen!