14th Lawsuit Filed Against Deshaun Watson for Sexual Assault, Bringing Total Number of Accusers to 24

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Oh, boy.

Either NFL superstar Deshaun Watson has secretly been Darren Sharper this entire time or this is one of the greatest smear campaigns in the history of professional sports.


I have no idea what the hell is going on, but as accusations of sexual assault and inappropriate conduct continue to pile up, it doesn’t look good at all for Houston’s franchise quarterback as his alleged off-field behavior becomes more and more disturbing with each passing day.

I previously reported that a third lawsuit alleging sexual assault was filed by Houston attorney Tony Buzbee last week, and in the time since, that number has now ballooned to a 14th lawsuit alleging similar behavior. And as if this situation couldn’t get any uglier, the number of accusers has also swelled to a jaw-dropping 24 different women, per NBC Sports.


From ESPN:

A 14th lawsuit alleging sexual assault and inappropriate conduct was filed against Deshaun Watson by a woman who says she believes the Houston Texans quarterback is a “serial predator.”

The lawsuit, which was filed Monday night and appeared on the Harris County District Clerk’s website Tuesday morning, alleges that Watson “assaulted and harassed Plaintiff by exposing himself to her and touching her with his penis.”

The incident allegedly took place in California, just the second of the 14 allegations to take place outside the Houston area.

Oh, boy.

Basically, each one of these allegations follows a similar modus operandi: Watson contacted a massage therapist via Instagram, secured their services, then allegedly engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior during the massage.


Buzbee has also provided text messages in an effort to substantiate his claims:


On March 16, Watson declared his innocence in a statement published on Twitter:


In the time since, however, the 25-year-old quarterback has remained tight-lipped as more and more accusations continue to pour in. And given their ever-increasing volume, it’s difficult to dismiss these allegations as entirely fraudulent.

Clearly, this is an ugly situation that is only getting worse with each passing day, but we’ll keep you updated as this story continues to develop.

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I was initially thrown by the publicity-hound lawyer and the anonymous filings, but I upon further review:

  • An NFL team would 100% spread rumors to leverage a contract situation, but when court papers are filed, then it’s no longer a bluff.
  • As I understand it, affidavits are being taken and submitted to the DA this week. This is no bluff or money-grab.
  • The civil suits are filed as Jane Doe #1 through X to protect the victim’s privacy as is allowed by law. The affidavits to the DA will include victims names, but will likely be sealed until a trial or plea. These women could face perjury charges if they file falsely. Shit’s getting real.

I haven’t been hanging with MJ or LeBron, but I have known some professional athletes. They typically surround themselves with a whole team of people to support their body: Strength coaches, skill coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and massage therapists. I have never heard of a professional athlete messing around with 20 massage therapists who may not know what they are doing. It doesn’t happen. The dude has a pattern, and the pattern seems like he’s looking for women that he can get away with assaulting.

Spreading rumors about one or two anonymous victims is ?maybe? an NFL team negotiating tactic. One to two dozen women filing civil suits in court and statements to the DA is evidence of a serial predator.

I suspect victim #1 was not sure if she should press charges, so she sought out a victim’s advocate lawyer. Unfortunately she found Buzbee instead of Gloria Allred, and he has been heading up the suits since. I just hope that Buzbee doesn’t turn the investigation into a circus. We’ll see.