Trump’s Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Continues to Be Racist AF as New Video Shows Him Mocking Asians

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President Trump is taking down everyone on his way (hopefully) out of the White House. Those aligned with him or noticeably silent (looking at you, Republican Party) have proven themselves complicit in all of the fuckery coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Truthfully, Trump didn’t have to do much to knock Rudy Giuliani down a peg as he’s already been swimming in the Russia urine-soaked basement of the American mind, but recently, old Rudy didn’t do himself any favors; either he or someone on his team released video of the former New York City mayor mocking Asians and acting out a bow because Giuliani is nothing if not racist AF.

According to the Daily Beast, the footage, (which was quickly taken down but not before the Daily Beast captured it) was accidentally posted to his YouTube page and appears to have been a continued recording after an interview with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for his podcast, Common Sense.

The taping happened Tuesday and it seems that someone in Rudy’s camp forgot to shut off his video, which continued to record a conversation between Giuliani and his camp. It seems that whoever posted the video to Giuliani’s YouTube page didn’t realize that the end of the interview held several minutes of Giuliani being a racist shitbag.

For several minutes on the extended YouTube version, the screen was black and silent. Then Spicer appeared briefly only to quickly sign out, leaving Giuliani at his desk speaking with individuals off-screen, apparently unaware the camera was still recording.

From the Daily Beast:

After a few moments of small talk with an assistant who appears to be Jayne Zirkle, an animated Giuliani started affecting a stereotypical Chinese accent while telling Zirkle that she’s “going to be the most famous model in China.”

“Ah, get me Jayne Zirkle,” he said while using the accent.

After asking others in the room what they wanted for dinner, Giuliani continued to say Zirkle’s name in the mocking accent. He then started pantomiming a bow while repeating her name, laughing as his team tried to steer him back to talking about the interview. A few seconds later, the video finally cut out.

Giuliani did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The video has been taken down but you can watch it here.

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