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Black Child Slapped, Called Racial Slur By White Woman in Florida

Illustration for article titled Black Child Slapped, Called Racial Slur By White Woman in Florida
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Today’s episode of White people are wildin’ takes us to Florida, where a white woman was arrested after slapping a Black child and calling him a racial slur. Why? Well, because their go-karts bumped into each other.


ABC News reports that 30-year-old Hayley Zager was driving go-karts at Boomers amusement park in Boca Raton when the 11-year-old child accidentally crashed into her. After the attraction was finished Zager confronted the boy and slapped him in the face in front of three Boomers employees. She then used a racial slur to justify her actions to those who witnessed the slap. The child suffered from a swollen eye due to the strike.

After Zager was beaten….

Wait, she wasn’t beaten. I was reading into what should’ve happened.

The wildest part about this whole story is that she used a slur, to defend herself. It’s already bad enough she slapped a child, a child she probably didn’t even know at that. The fact she thought to herself “How can I make this better? Oh, I know, racism,” is simply peak-Florida. I’m going to assume the boy’s parents weren’t present as it is the only way it makes sense Zager was arrested and not hospitalized.


Zager was taken into custody charged with felony child abuse as well as illegal possession of prescription drugs, due to a bottle of pills found in her underwear. According to court records, Zager admitted to slapping the child but she denied using the slur. I guess the witnesses simply projected the racism onto her. Zager was released from police custody on Monday.

Hopefully, she will refrain from putting her hands on other people’s children.

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Raineyb1013, Misfit Black Girl Island Denizen

Wow there are really dumb motherfuckers in the grays trying to pretend that go karts (which are carival rides) are on par with road rage on actual roads with cars and that this child assaulted this cave beast with the go kart.

Can someone do something about these motherfucking dickheads in the grays for fuck sake?