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NBA Twitter Destroys Paul Pierce After He Spews More Foolishness About LeBron James

Illustration for article titled NBA Twitter Destroys Paul Pierce After He Spews More Foolishness About LeBron James
Photo: Mike Ehrmann (Getty Images)

If real estate is such a lucrative business venture, then can somebody please explain to me how LeBron James has spent so many years living rent-free in Paul Pierce’s head?


For context, It’s already been firmly established that the 10-time NBA All-Star is a fucking hater.


But the Celtics great took his disdain for all things King James to a new level on Wednesday when he took his ass on ESPN’s First Take and fixed his face to declare the following:

“I’ve already said he’s not a Top 5 player of all-time. If the Lakers don’t win a championship, let alone lose in the first round, I don’t wanna hear none of this GOAT talk no more.”

For those keeping track at home, yes, he’s talking about LeBron Raymone James Sr.: The same guy who ranks 3rd all-time in points, 8th in assists, 13th in steals and prior to joining the Lakers, had dragged his teams to the playoffs in 13 consecutive seasons with eight straight NBA Finals appearances.


He’s also talking about the same dude who’s won three NBA titles, was named MVP on four separate occasions, named an NBA All-Star and All-NBA player 16 times, won three Olympic medals and has the highest Value Over Replacement Player rating in the history of the NBA—yes, even higher than Michael Jordan.

Wait, wait, wait! I’m not done.

He’s also talking about the only player in NBA history to score 30,000 points, grab 9,000 rebounds, and dish 9,000 assists; the only player in NBA history to score at least 25 points-per-game in 16 consecutive seasons; and the only player in NBA history to lead the team he played for and the team he played against in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals in a playoff series during the 2016 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.


But he’s excluded from the GOAT conversation if he catches an L in the playoffs? At 35 goddamn years old?!

Man, if you don’t GTFOHWTBS. My nigga, you sound stupid as fuck.

And clearly I’m not the only one who holds that opinion, as Pierce became a trending topic on Thursday.


The future NBA Hall of Famer refuses to repent for such an egregious sin, however, as he took to Twitter himself to reiterate his stance.

“Some people just don’t understand facts,” he tweeted. “It is what it is. No hate.”


Oh nah, homie. There’s plenty of hate there.

But to be fair, I would probably hate LeBron too if he ruined my jersey retirement ceremony by blowing out my old squad 121-99—24 of those points came from King James—or deprived me of my last opportunity to win an NBA championship.


Not putting LeBron in your Top 5 is insanity though. Hell, Paul doesn’t even believe that shit himself.


Thank you NBA Twitter for putting this dude in his place.

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I think a better comparison would be to see how much more Lebron donates to charities and foundations compared to Pierce.