Watch: Brave Soul Interrupts Dumbass Florida Governor Who Just Stands There Like an Idiot

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On Monday, a man—who can’t possibly live in Florida—interrupted a press conference by Gov. Ron DeSantis (who looks exactly how you’d think a Florida governor would look) to tell the inept governor that his handling of COVID-19 throughout his state has been a joke and that he’s willing to call in the fire department to help DeSantis get his head out of Trump’s ass.


“Shame on you,” Thomas Kennedy, the Florida director of United We Dream, a national immigrant advocacy group said, the Tampa Bay Times reports. “You are an embarrassment...We’re getting record-breaking cases every day, and you are doing nothing.”

DeSantis was speaking at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and no one knows WTF he was talking about because no one listens to this dumbass man when he opens his pie hole. Kennedy, however, stole the show.

The Times notes that Florida was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t in the top 5 states that aren’t dealing with COVID-19 breakouts and hotspots, so it got busy. DeSantis, who works tirelessly to receive any type of approval from the president, wanted the world to know that while the coronavirus was not under control, he was going to be reopening his state with very little restrictions.

From the Times:

On Sunday, Florida reported 15,300 new COVID-19 cases, which set the record for the most cases a single day anywhere in the U.S since the pandemic began. On Monday, Florida’s Department of Health confirmed 12,624 new cases of COVID-19, the second-highest single-day total.

Gimenez said he was waiting to see if existing restaurant restrictions stabilize Miami-Dade’s coronavirus rates before enacting further closures.


“We cannot get swept away in fear,” DeSantis said during the press conference.

Umm, what? This is a Trump line that many Republicans seem to say as if the fear isn’t justified. A deadly virus is sweeping the country like a goddamn Godzilla movie and the governor of Florida is like, “Y’all trippin.’”


The Times notes that Kennedy is a civil rights organizer who is based in Miami (which really isn’t the South, it’s more like a butt-naked New York City).

“In a video of Monday’s press conference that Kennedy posted to his Twitter account, a security representative approached Kennedy closely and told him he needed to leave. Kennedy asked him not to break social distancing,” the Times reports.


This is goddamn brilliant. During these COVID-19 times, we have to find the glimmers of hope where we can and telling a security guard not to break social distancing might actually encourage civil discourse. Sike, we already know that the security forces would just make a 6.5-foot long nightstick to beat us with.

The Times notes that just last week, dumbass DeSantis “hosted a press conference in close quarters in a facility where 18 COVID-positive patients were being treated. Reporters weren’t informed this was the case.”


DeSantis didn’t respond to Kennedy because he couldn’t. I mean, really, what is dumbass DeSantis going to say? He just continued talking about whatever the fuck it was he was talking about because no one listens to him.

“You should resign, Ron DeSantis,” Kennedy said at the end of the video. “Resign.”


A truer word has never been spoken.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


Dr Emilio Lizardo

“We cannot get swept away in fear,”

Bullshit. Be afraid of black people. Be afraid of Muslims. Be afraid of Brown people. Be afraid of gay people. Be afraid of women controlling their own bodies or having opportunity. Be afraid of liberals taking your guns. Be afraid of socialists giving you free healthcare and free education. Be afraid of raising the minimum wage or all the jobs will move to India. Be afraid of the scientists that want to take your truck away because of climate change.

If it wasn’t for fear, the Republican Party wouldn’t have any talking points at all.