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School Resource Officer Faces Battery Charge After Pulling Girl's Hair On Video

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You know, the more stories like this come out the more I’m convinced that maybe we don’t need school resource officers.


WESH 2 reports that Harry Reid, a school resource officer in Orange County, FL, is facing battery charges. The charges come after a video was released showing Reid dragging a black middle school student by her hair and calling a group of students watching the event “stupid little children.” Reid has been removed from the school and is pending termination.

What the hell, y’all. I don’t understand this level of violence against children. Like what kind of a bitch do you have to brutalize a 12-year-old girl. A school resource officer is supposed to be in place to protect the students but lately, it seems as if they’re the ones causing the most harm. We’ve seen students get body-slammed, throttled and in one extreme case have their skull fractured. 


I’m also curious about what the vetting process is for making someone a resource officer. It seems like they just assign deputies to these schools with little regard to how or even if they can deal with children. Clearly, they need either better training or better vetting.

The saddest part of this all is that this isn’t even a new take. News Editor for The Root, Monique Judge, wrote back in 2018 about a study that showed school resource officers don’t make schools safer. Simply put, if they can’t do their job then they shouldn’t be there to begin with.

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We shouldn’t have cops in schools.


Not sure how this has become a hot-take, but I guess it has.