GOP-Led States Want Supreme Court to Hold Off Obamacare Ruling Until After the Election

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I’ve got this feeling that even in 2049, after the country has been turned into a wasteland as a result of late capitalism and unchecked climate change, Republicans will still be bitching about one thing: Obamacare.


CNN reports that a group of Republican-led states want the Supreme Court to hold off on issuing a ruling on the Affordable Care Act. They instead want the case to proceed through a district judge. This comes after a federal court ruled in December that the individual mandate is unconstitutional but didn’t make the actual law invalid. The GOP wants the law to be struck down but not before the election. They want to take healthcare away from millions but they don’t want to face the immediate consequences of their actions. You know, just Republican things.

It’s a real bitch-made move, in my humble opinion. If they want to be about it, then be about it. If they truly believe that taking away healthcare is beneficial to the American public then they should have the final ruling be issued already. One should not knuck if they are not prepared to buck.

Conversely, if they simply believe the court will rule against them, it’s still a bitch-made move. Just take the L and move on. No one is going to be that mad they still have health insurance. Given the uproar they faced when they initially tried to take away healthcare from voters, I’m honestly surprised they’re still stomping this long-dead horse. Granted, given their rampant efforts to suppress the vote and establish an oligarchy, this could just be another case of the GOP doing whatever the GOP wants to do.

The Democrats have filed a suit for the justices to hear the case as they believe a potential ruling by the lower court could destabilize the entire healthcare system. Which I mean, come on, that’s a little hyperbolic, no? I mean, how bad can taking away the health insurance of millions of Americans with no immediate replacement in place really be? You know, after writing it all down, they should probably nip this in the bud real soon.

The Supreme Court will most likely have a closed-door meeting to consider the request, although it’s expected that they won’t issue a ruling until after the election.

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