Trump Spent Crazy Money on an Ad to Run During Jay-Z’s Super Bowl

Just a few cheaters holding a Russian spy helmet.
Just a few cheaters holding a Russian spy helmet.
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If the whiteballing of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick isn’t enough to boycott the NFL, how about Beyoncé’s husband crossing the picket lines to bring us a halftime show starring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira? The NFL is so racist and ridiculous that ESPN talking forehead Stephen A. Smith actually came back to his roots, arguing that black men are being overlooked for coaching positions.


And if all of that isn’t enough, damn near all of the owners contributed to Trump’s campaign and many are pushing for Trump to be reelected. The NFL and Trump are friends. They chill in the owner’s booth together. They’ve both asked Jay-Z to bring them a cup of water. So it sounds about white that during this year’s Super Bowl, President Trump’s reelection campaign has purchased an ad slot to run some kind of shitty ad during America’s version of Gladiator.

“President Trump made the unprecedented decision to keep the campaign open following his first election, which allows [him] to do things like buying a Super Bowl ad,” said Communications Director Tim Murtaugh in a provided statement to Ad Week. “This is a clear indication that we’re ramping up the campaign, which also includes unprecedented pushes for black, women, Latino, and women voters.”

The Bloomberg campaign ran out here and purchased an ad shortly after learning that the president has done so because Micheal Bloomberg is rich and nothing says, “I’m rich-rich” like buying a new Bugatti after learning that French Montana got a Bugatti Camry a Super Bowl ad.

Politico reports that Trump’s ad cost some $10 million. Ad Week notes that crazy money is “expected to be spent in the 2020 presidential election, with some forecasts predicting up to $20 billion, with digital ad spend growing substantially.”

No one knows what Trump’s ad will consist of but I’m sure it will be a 60-second spot of lies and possibly the president golfing and sitting on the toilet, since that’s about as much as he’s done since taking office.

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The Final Days of Gawker Have Come

Football fans are the exact type of degenerate losers who are easily influenced by television ads.

Plus, Trump has always equated proximity to the NFL with greatness. His shitty sports league was in response to owners laughing him out of the room.

So, not a real surprise.