Selective Service Site Crashes Over The Weekend As Iran Spurs Draft Fears

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If you’re reading this and you happen to be a cis-gender male between the ages of 18-25, relax. You are not going to get drafted.


The Washington Post reports that on Friday the website for Selective Service crashed. As of this writing it is still down. After Trump decided to up and kill an Iranian Commander last week, many were concerned about war with Iran and a potential draft. While the possibility of war is certainly a cause for concern, a draft is one of the few things not to be worried about right now.

If you’re a cis-gender male, you’re probably familiar with the Selective Service as you had to sign up for it on your 18th birthday. Usually when filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form or getting a driver’s licence. Legally, all cis-men are required to do this within 30 days of turning 18. Women are not required to register. Despite this being a thing that almost every adult aged cis-male has done, there is very little understanding about what it is. Essentially, it’s simply a list. It is not the equivalent of enlisting in the army. It can be used in the time of a military crisis to know how many able-bodied males are able to drafted into service.

I can already hear you yelling, “So it is a draft!?” Chill. While yes, it is a list that could be used in the event of a draft,the draft was suspended back in 1973 as a result of the disastrous Vietnam War. Congress would have to vote on legislation to bring it back and the President would have to approve it. The chances of that happening are quite slim.

The people who Trump’s actions most affect are those already enlisted and deployed overseas in addition to their families. In addition to those already deployed, over 3,000 troops were deployed overseas this weekend following Trump’s legally dubious assassination. Here’s hoping no further escalation occurs.

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Yes...They Are Real!

I was just a young’un when the gulff war conflict popped off in the 90s. So perhaps someone a bit more mature than I can provide a little clarity. Was there a similar atmosphere of worry and fear that Bush would be insane enough as to reinstitute the draft?

I know social media tends to amplify opinions. So it’s hard to gauge just how many people are legit scared. If not worried or scared, it certainly does appear that enough people are, at the very least, interested on the topic to crash a government website. Not to mention we now live under the rule of a president who simply does not give any fucks about tradition or precedent. We’re folks this concerned back in the “normal” days of Bush II?