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Nick Cannon Drops Third Diss Track

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Tonight millions of film-goers around the world will bear witness to the conclusion of the 40-year-old Skywalker saga. Fear not though, for as one saga concludes another has continued. I’m speaking of course about actor/game show host/Louis Vuitton Sub-Zero, Nick Cannon and his one sided beef with Eminem.


On Friday, TMZ reported that Nick Cannon had dropped the third in his series of recent diss tracks aimed at Eminem. This saga began in May 2009. Eminem had released his album Relapse and on it was a song called “Bagpipes from Baghdad.” It was a proto-“I Hit It First,” aimed at Nick and his then-wife Mariah Carey. Since we all love reheated beef, Eminem jumped on the Fat Joe track “Lord Above” and threw out some According to Jim-ass bars about Mariah neutering Nick. The host of The Masked Singer decided to respond with a posse cut where everyone else did most of the rapping for him.

Eminem didn’t respond so Cannon grabbed some of his Wild ‘N Out castmates and dropped another diss track. Eminem remained silent so obviously that meant he had to go for the third.

I did y’all the service of listening to the diss track and yes, it’s just as trash as you would imagine. The first two minutes of the video is just problematic Eminem lyrics followed by Nick going full Hotep while looping a sample of an old Eminem demo where he states “Black Girls are b-tches, Black girls are dumb.” We been knew Eminem was problematic, Nick Cannon didn’t have to rap off beat for that fact to be apparent.


If there’s any upside to this it’s that we got to see history be made this month. Nick Cannon became the first man to receive three self-inflicted L’s in a rap beef.

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I can’t take anything he does seriously until he returns that headwrap/turban to Norma Desmond on “Sunset Boulevard”.