Mystikal Busted His Ass for All Our Sins and There’s Video Evidence to Prove It

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Since I’ve spent my entire morning laughing at this shit, I suppose I’ll share with the rest of the class now.

TMZ reports that some guy named Mystikal, who somehow ranks higher than Jadakiss on Panama Jackson’s list of greatest rappers of all-time, caught the L of the century when he fell off the stage during a performance Thursday night in Tampa, Fla., And with this being the digital era, of course it was captured on camera.

You’re welcome in advance.

And if you’d like an additional angle of this extraordinary feat, in which Mystikal, born Michael Lawrence Tyler, somehow busts his entire ass despite jumping all of two inches off of the ground, here you go:

“DANGER!” indeed.

According to TMZ, the Ghost of No Limit Past spent the rest of his 45-minute set pleading for an ambulance and “grimacing in pain as he sat on the edge of the stage unable to stand.” It’s unclear if he was taken to a hospital to receive medical treatment afterward, but he was eventually helped off the stage.


For those wondering why I’m short on sympathy for this 48-year-old relic from our formative years, it has a lot to do the fact that he’s been charged with kidnapping and rape—twice.

So while it’s unclear what caused him to go out like Ricky in Boyz n the Hood, don’t mind me as I get back to this hearty-ass laugh.

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That man is a whole 48 years old; you can sleep wrong and have your neck out of commission for a month. He probably snapped a tendon or something.

It’s gonna happen to you and me, too, bruh. Like, we gonna be out here stepping off a low-curb, and roll the hell out of our right ankle and be out of rotation for half the year. Don’t you tempt the ancestors to humble us; don’t invite that bad juju, son.