Some of Black Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Play ‘Black Ass Game’

It’s been said time and time again that the black experience is not monolithic.

That fact becomes especially apparent when some of the most controversial topics that separate the black community come up in conversation. Or at least during a round of “Black Ass Game.”

In the latest segment, many of the biggest and blackest stars in Hollywood share their black-ass answers when it comes to choosing between:

  • Love & Basketball or Soul Food
  • Sweet grits or savory grits
  • Living Single or Martin

And, perhaps, the most contentious of them all—

  • Drums or flats

Check out the full video above.

P.S. The right answer is drums. Don’t debate me. Debate your little friends.

Jessica Moulite is an award-winning Video Producer at The Root passionate about dismantling unjust societal power structures and all things Black culture. She's also probably watching “Living Single.”

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Shoutout to The young queen Marsai Martin and Trevor Jackson for being on the RIGHT SIDE of the sweet vs salty grits debate!