Arrest Warrant Issued for Offset

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Georgia law enforcement officers have issued a felony arrest warrant for rapper Offset, also known as Cardi B-minus, one-third of the Migos.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that police in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, Ga., have issued an arrest warrant for Kiari Kendrell Cephus (which ranks No. 2 on the official list of the blackest names ever behind D’Brickashaw Ferguson). Offset is accused of slapping the phone out of a teenager’s hand at Target, which seems to be confirmed by video from the phone in question.


The 18-year-old Otterboxless victim of the heinous phone-slapping incident says that his $800 iPhone 8 was destroyed by the Migga (Yes, that’s actually the singular form of “Migos”). This isn’t the first run-in with the law for the “Walk It Talk It” mumbler. In 2015, all of the Migoses were arrested leaving a show in Statesboro, Ga., for possession of drugs and firearms and while detained, Offset was charged with fighting another inmate, the Statesboro Herald reports. In July, Cephus was pulled over for his automobile’s tinted windows and was subsequently arrested for gun possession.

While the phone incident admittedly seems bad, Offset was being boujee at Wednesday’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas with his spouse, who generously took time out to give an impromptu anatomy lesson to her fans concerning the location of her Cardi P.

The Root could not confirm whether or not Offset’s fellow Migonians would bail him out or if the victim of this alleged crime had AppleCare. We also could not verify if Offset was asked why Takeoff was left off “Bad & Boujee”

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I don’t know about Offset taking the No 2 spot, but Quavious Keyate Marshall and Kirsnick Khari Ball are pretty damn black names.  Grammarly won’t even fuck with Keyate.

I still haven’t recovered from Kodak Black’s homie’s Christian name, Stetson President.