Auntie Maxine Bids Impeachment Efforts Adieu, Shifts Priority to 'Getting That Report'

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I’d be lying if I said I saw this coming, but now Auntie Maxine herself says not to hold your breath waiting for an impeachment of alleged president Donald Trump.


“[Impeachment has] never been discussed as a strategy for this caucus. It’s only a few of us,” she told Politico. “I think we do nothing now but concentrate on getting the information, getting that report.”

The report in question would be the infamous Mueller Report—which offered a glimmer of hope to American citizens dispirited by Trump’s kleptocratic reign, until all we got out of it was a deliberately opaque book report courtesy of his prized pupil, Attorney General William Barr.

Even I Am Legend didn’t end this poorly.

“Whatever the bet was last week that the president wouldn’t finish out his term, that bet is not as good this week,” Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman, who’s twice filed articles of impeachment against Trump, told Politico. “Our best single source of game-changing revelations was the Mueller report, and according to Barr, there aren’t any game-changing revelations in it.”

So with impeachment probably off the table for good, Democrats intend to ignore Mueller’s findings until the release of the full report.

Democrats said the calculations could again change once they’ve seen the full Mueller report, which they’ve demanded access to within one week.

The leaders of the six House committees set that timeline on Monday night, giving the Department of Justice until April 2 to publicly release the full extent of Mueller’s findings.

Privately, top Democrats said they were relieved that, at least for now, lawmakers insisting on Trump’s removal from office were likely to be much less vocal, allowing the caucus to potentially turn the focus to its legislative agenda, something they’ve struggled with since taking over the House in January.

At a leadership meeting Monday night, Democratic leaders emphasized the need for lawmakers to highlight their loaded legislative schedule this week — from voting on a gender-pay bill to introducing sweeping health care legislation — and demonstrate that Democrats aren’t consumed with the Mueller report.


So yeah.

Goodbye impeachment. We hardly knew ye.

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Something we need to look at seriously is this simple idea.

Trump is not going to be removed from office via impeachment.

Unless we get handed video of Drumpf raping little boys while personally aborting little blonde babies while personally handing white old men’s moneys to brown unwed mothers and gay trans muslims, Mitch McConnell will never fucking ever allow Drumpf to be removed by impeachment, and for the next 2 Years, that path goes through his office. Full Stop.

What we can do is keep a fire under his fat, useless, lazy, unintelligent, lard colored ass. We can make him cook and sweat. We can spread his shame and show off his toxicity until all but his most ardent supporters are ashamed to show their faces in 2020. They may not vote D, but more and more people are wondering if they can justify pulling the lever for him again.

Also, we can maybe, I dunno try to make the world a better place? Our reps can maybe try to undo some of the shit that fuckwad has been doing, but with legislation. They can pass shit that the R’s don’t dare vote against.

Control of the House should equate to more than just a cudgel to beat Drumpf with. They should be making people’s lives better also. And if our adopted Auntie Maxine wants to take up that charge, all the better.

(also, I know that impeaching Drumpf might make some things better, but see point A. That ain’t happening)