Oprah Came Through Apple’s Press Event and Crushed the Buildings

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After running out a lineup of Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and J.J. Abrams to talk about their upcoming series for Apple, the tech juggernaut went for the Moneyball and brought out Oprah Winfrey to talk more about her relationship with Apple and how she’s going to bring more of what she does best to the people of the world via the platform. EW reports:

“We want to reach beyond the borders of our hearts and minds to face the daunting challenges of our time. Each of us comes to this Earth with a deep potential that yearns to be fulfilled,” Winfrey said. “We all crave connection, we search for common ground, we want not just to be heard but we also need to listen, be open and contribute in order to harness our hopes, dreams and heal our divisions. That’s why I’ve joined forces with Apple.”


While taking full command of the moment, Oprah let those watching in Cupertino and at home know that there’s never been a moment like this, and then proceeded to talk about what she brings to the table, even though in 99 percent of conversations involving Oprah, she IS the table. To drive that point home, the stock for Weight Watchers went up almost 1 percent when she hit the stage, according to CNN. Granted, shares came back down to earth while she was up there indicating something else was at play, but I’m gon’ go ahead and let Oprah’s soul glow and shine through.

Auntie O spoke about her content deal with Apple, which will include two documentaries, one unnamed and one called Toxic Labor. She will also be revamping her famous Oprah’s Book Club making it “the biggest, the most vibrant, the most stimulating book club on the planet.” She didn’t say the most lit, but we can all read between the lines here. Also, pun!!!!

Because Oprah is the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far, Apple lets her do her thing in new and innovative ways, and also doesn’t interfere with her work at OWN, where she’s out here bodying the game with awesome content like Queen Sugar, which ZOMG! is coming back soon!

While Oprah has yet to bring her brand of daily talkshowism back to the main stage, she’s been killin’ the game in many other multi-faceted ways, showing you and yours that OWN isn’t just a network, but a way of life.

Now let me go and write me a book and hope Oprah wants to add it to her book club. In the meantime, can somebody pull her coat-tail to Damon’s book?


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Oh great, another streaming service, a well backed, fully loaded service but still another service to pay for. We’re being a la carte’d/nickel and dimed to wallet death.