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Remains of Missing 23-Year-Old Woman Last Seen Leaving Boston Nightclub Found in Trunk

Illustration for article titled Remains of Missing 23-Year-Old Woman Last Seen Leaving Boston Nightclub Found in Trunk
Image: Jassy Correia, right, was last seen entering a red Nissan Altima with Louis D. Coleman III, left. (

Police have called off a manhunt for a woman from Boston after her remains were found in a trunk.


According to a report, 23-year-old Jassy Correia, mother of a two-year-old daughter, was last seen alive entering a red Nissan Altima after leaving Venu, a nightclub, early Sunday alongside 32-year-old Louis D. Coleman III, identified as a person of interest by police.

Coleman, a resident of Providence, R.I., was arrested in Delaware. Correia’s remains were located in the trunk of his car.


“We received some devastating news today and Jassy is no longer with us,” said Kathia Depina, Correia’s cousin, Thursday night to NECN.

A missing person report was filed Wednesday after Correia’s brother and father were unable to locate or contact her.

“If I don’t see my daughter,” Correia’s father Joaquin told NECN earlier this week, “I don’t know how I’m going to live.” Joaquin’s concern grew after his happy birthday text to his daughter on Tuesday went unanswered.

A search warrant for Coleman’s Providence-area apartment was issued, though Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements declined to give details on what was uncovered.


According to Clements, police in Providence, Delaware and Boston remain unclear as to which agency will take up the case.

“She was a mother, she was brave, she was strong,” Depina told NECN. “She did not deserve this. She went out to celebrate her birthday and never returned home. She did not deserve this. We want justice for her death.”

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And ofcourse on social media everyone is blaming her friends (per usual), his mother (for not raising him right apparently...basically everyone but the actual murderer. This is local to me and it’s all everyone has been talking about. I’m sad and angry for her and her family/friends. Sick of this shit.