Photo: Chris Kleponis (Getty Images)

On Wednesday, a little after 10 a.m. on the East Coast, which means that the president has already walked the halls of the White House wearing only an adult diaper and a robe made the innards of orphaned baby seals clubbed to death with oak legs from authentic Victorian-era dining tables. Heā€™s already drank a full goblet of warm goatā€™s blood and has punched several puppies in the face for exercise.

After his morning Forbes spanking, the self-described ā€œstable geniusā€ who knows all the ā€œbest wordsā€ then sent another of his misspelled, nonsensical tweets that either stated that America is going to war with Forrest Gumpā€™s managers, or heā€™s cutting funding to Federal Emergency Management Agency funding to the State of California.


Screenshot: Twitter


Trump has now deleted the tweet but this 11th runner-up in the 1963 Hitler Youth Spelling Bee is still the President.


Maybe someone in the White House suggested that it would be wise for the president to pick a fight that he could win since heā€™s becoming increasingly desperate with his border slats/government shutdown. The presidentā€™s reality TV camera moment during prime viewing hours Tuesday bombed but so did the Democratsā€™ rebuttal. I guess now the strategy is to move to a winnable fight like taking money used to prevent ā€œforrestā€ fires from a state that is still recovering from massive destruction to its ā€œforrests.ā€

ABC 7 notes that this isnā€™t the first time the president has criticized California for its handling of wildfires. He attacked the state and blamed those fighting the flames of wildfires in November on ā€œgross mismanagement, sparking backlash from firefighters and state leaders.ā€


He would later walk the comments back because he realized that you canā€™t throw shade on wildfires when youā€™ve turned the White House into a massive dumpster fire.

Hopefully, someone in the White House will take the presidential iPad from the tiny fingers of Americaā€™s worst president and turn on the acoustic version of Baby Shark and bring him a warm towel drenched in mongoose semen so that he can take his nap.