Donald Trump Gives a Fake Press Briefing Because Nancy Pelosi Was Getting All the Attention

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Screenshot: Fox News (via YouTube)

Your “president” is a stunt queen who manufactures drama. He doesn’t like anyone to get more attention than he does, and he will do anything to put a stop to that. Today was no exception.


As you know, the 116th Congress was sworn in today—with Nancy Pelosi reprising her role as speaker of the House. It’s an historic day for Congress with much new blood taking over. We are (hopefully) on the precipice of change in this country, and it’s all everyone can talk about.

So of course your “president” couldn’t let that stand. There’s no way in the world he is going to let anyone—least of all Nancy Pelosi—steal his shine. So what does he do? He calls a “surprise” White House press briefing.

Keep in mind that this White House has had an unusually low number of press briefings to begin with. Even when they do have press briefings, all White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders does is stand at the podium, not answer direct questions, deflect and repeat the “president’s” same tired rhetoric over and over again. The briefings are not informative, and we don’t learn anything more from them than we can discern on our own by piecing the “president’s” tweets together.

So when news spread that Donald Trump was going to appear at a “surprise” press briefing, everyone tuned in.

And we all tuned in for nothing, because he didn’t talk about shit.

He was introduced to the press by Suckabee, and when he took the podium, he so “graciously” congratulated Nancy Pelosi for being chosen as House speaker.


He was joined on the dais by members of ICE and U.S. Customs and Border protection. He made the bold proclamation that he has “never had so much support” as he has had in the last week for the border wall.

“I have never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in, in terms of people writing in and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do—I’ve never had this much support.”


He called Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, to speak. Judd parroted Trump’s assertion that a physical barrier is needed to prevent people from crossing the border.

The entire “press briefing” was a set up for Trump to talk about his wall and claim that everyone in the whole wide world wants it. After Trump and his cronies said their piece, they exited stage right without taking any questions.


The reporters in the room were understandably incredulous. It was clear that the president did not come to inform or engage with the press, but rather to take the spotlight off Nancy Pelosi and the new members of Congress.

Your “president” is an overly dramatic little bitch who stunts for social media.


Basically, Donald Trump is a Twitter honey. We just need to wait until he starts advertising tummy tea.

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The press needs to stop playing this dude’s game. If this is what he’s bringing to the table they need to get up and walk out of the room. Stop rewarding toddler temper tantrums.