George W. Bush Is Just Like All of Us, He Desperately Wants to be Friends With Michelle Obama, Too

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Remember that moment during Sen. John McCain’s funeral during which former President George W. Bush handed Michelle Obama a cough drop and the two exchanged a laugh?

Well, on Wednesday, that moment played out again at the funeral of Bush’s father. As Dubya was greeting the distinguished guests in the front row... along with Donald Trump and his captive wife migrant genius Melania, Bush exchanged a word with Mrs. Obama and appeared to hand her something. It was probably a candy or a cough drop, because that’s one of his go-to moves.

It would’ve been a great moment except one of the two who shared in it was George W. Bush. His father just died so I will save my thoughts on that, but apparently Bush would like to believe that he and Mrs. O are friends when I’m sure she’s Mariah Carey on the issue:


Fine, the two might actually be friends, but I don’t want that to be true. Michelle Obama is a national treasure who recently noted that she’s been at some of the smartest tables and they “aren’t that smart” and I immediately assumed she was talking about Bush Jr. The Root’s imaginary statistics team found that Michelle Obama was voted first in the “Best friend in my head” category, followed closely by Oprah and Beyonce.

It looks like Mrs. Obama might actually be Bush’s best friend in his head, too, and I just can’t wait for that awkward moment when Barack approaches Dubya and says: “Look here playboy, kill it with all that cough drop shit because that’s my wife.”

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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KC Complains A Lot

Feels like the only person Michelle will legit not fuck with is Trump. Like, I can’t imagine Michelle Obama hating anyone. I’m sure she does because she’s a human being, but I can’t imagine it, and even if she did she’d handle it with such grace and class that you wouldn’t know that she shaded you until you were on your death bed, and even then, you’d probably be like, “yeah, I deserved it”.

But I think the one person I’ve seen the facade come down with is the Trumps and especially Donald. There’s something in her eyes when she sees that man that all class, dignity and grace one possesses can not hide.