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Steph Curry Emerges Unscathed After Scary Multi-Vehicle Accident

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Photo: Jeff Chiu (Associated Press)

According to ESPN, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry avoided serious injury after being involved in a three-car collision Friday morning.


The NBA superstar was headed to the Warriors shootaround on Highway 24 near Oakland when a driver making an improper lane change lost control of their silver Lexus and struck his black Porsche.

Curry stopped in the center median, and as he waited for officers to arrive, he was rear-ended by another sedan that lost control about 10 minutes later, according to California Highway Patrol Officer Herman Baza.


Rain was determined to be a factor in the crash and thankfully no injuries or arrested occurred.

Curry eventually made it to the team practice facility after the crash, and took to Twitter to put everything in perspective:

In speaking to the media prior to last night’s 125-97 win against the Trail Blazers, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr assured everyone his point guard is fine.

“He was a little shaken up like anybody would be getting into a car accident, but thankfully nobody was hurt and Steph’s doing fine,” said Kerr.


As Curry continues to recover from a strained groin he sustained on Nov. 8, the Warriors have struggled in his absence. All-Stars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green were involved in a dust up that threatened team chemistry and concluded in Green receiving a one game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

Also of note, the Warriors ended a four game losing streak on Friday night with their win against the Portland Trail Blazers.


Curry is expected to miss today’s game against the Sacramento Kings, with an update on his injury status expected to come soon.

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Whenever there’s laughter from east coasters about how others can’t drive in snow, I die a little inside because...

Rain was determined to be a factor in the crash and thankfully no injuries or arrested occurred.

...Californians can’t drive in -rain-