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Stacey Abrams Defends Burning Flag That Was So Racist, Even Georgia Thought It Was Trash

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Once Stacey Abrams becomes the next governor of Georgia and the first black female governor in the country, I expect one of the big movie houses to start working on a script of the historic election.


The antagonist to Abrams’ heroic efforts will be white supremacy in the form of Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State, who has pulled out every archaic law he can find to prevent black people from voting. Abrams even had to answer questions about her credit card debt and credit score.

And now, on the eve of Abrams’ and Kemp’s first debate, and just two weeks before Georgians cast their ballot for governor, someone has unearthed photos from 1992 showing Abrams burning the Georgia state flag on the steps of the Georgia Capitol.


Yes, someone found a photo of Abrams from 1992 when she was a freshman at Spelman College in Atlanta burning the racist Georgia flag which included the Confederate emblem.

“In a statement to CNN, Abrams’ campaign said that her actions in college were part of a ‘permitted, peaceful protest against the Confederate emblem in the flag,’” CNN reports.

It would be nice if whoever found the photo included the fact that the flag was racist AF. So racist that even Georgia had to come out and say, “You know what? We can’t keep kicking it with this Confederate bullshit on our flag because the rest of the country got jokes.” So they changed it in 2003.


Do you know how racist something has to be if it is too racist for Georgia? It’s like Ben Carson calling Kanye West a sellout. Plus, technically Abrams was caught burning a flag that isn’t even the flag of Georgia anymore. Also look at how politically active Abrams was as a freshman! When I was a freshman I was busy drinking underage and trying to sneak my car onto the school’s parking lot.

“During Stacey Abrams’ college years, Georgia was at a crossroads, struggling with how to overcome racially divisive issues, including symbols of the Confederacy, the sharpest of which was the inclusion of the Confederate emblem in the Georgia state flag,” the statement from Abrams’s spokeswoman Abigail Collazo read, according to CNN. “This conversation was sweeping across Georgia as numerous organizations, prominent leaders, and students engaged in the ultimately successful effort to change the flag.


“Abrams’ time in public service as deputy city attorney and as a state legislative leader have all been focused on bringing people together to solve problems,” Collazo added.

CNN notes that the unearthed photo, which is easily searchable for anyone who can spell Stacey Abrams and has access to Al Gore’s interwebs, was originally posted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and shows the upcoming governor of Georgia gathered with students from other colleges burning the racist flag.


“[The student protesters] said the Georgia flag symbolizes a brutal time in the history of African Americans, and they demanded that the Legislature restore the original Georgia flag: the state seal superimposed on a field of blue,” the 1992 AJC article read, according to CNN.

The Kemp campaign did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

To be fair, they were pretty busy burning voter registrations.

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God, I hope she wins and then gets to push the button to blow up Stone Mountain.