Wait, Stormy Daniels Lawyer Might Be Running for President? Don't Say This Is So

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I get it, Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Stormy Daniels, is a good looking guy. This isn’t my personal opinion as I would argue that he’s an OK looking guy, but I’ve seen the tweets and listened to a co-worker at The Root, whom I shall not name but her name rhymes with Besha Ballahan, explain the hotness of Avenatti, so I get it.


I also get that since Trump took office and Avenatti became Stormy Daniels lawyer that he, along with his client, have been doing the lord’s work to bring down the White House the Russia and 53% of white women helped create.

But, dude. Seriously, Avenatti isn’t really considering running for president, is he?

According to The Washington Post, the lawyer is slated to speak at “an annual Democratic dinner in northern Iowa and said he will attend party fundraisers in multiple states” which feels mad presidential. Plus Avenatti dropped this little Easter egg on Twitter, Thursday, morning:

This dinner is known for being a political proving ground for presidential hopefuls. The Post notes that “previous speakers include then-candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.”

Avenatti told the Post that he’s been invited to speak at a “number of Democratic fundraisers” and plans to attend events in Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. He added that he’s been “asked to stump for Democratic candidates in the midterm elections but would not say which ones.”


And get this: Daniels lawyer wouldn’t fully rule out a 2020 presidential run.

“If Mr. Trump is the opponent, and I still have serious questions as to whether he will be, the Democratic Party better be very careful in who they nominate to compete against him,” Avenatti told the Post. “The number one question that needs to be asked is: Can the candidate beat Donald Trump? Because you can have all the political experience in the world and the greatest policy ideas of the last 100 years, and if you can’t beat Donald Trump, it doesn’t mean anything.”


The Post notes that Avenatti has said on Twitter that he will run for president if Trump is seeking reelection and there’s no candidate who looks to be able to beat him. I guess Avenatti’s belief is he can lose just as good as the next guy.

“We can’t relive 2016,” Avenatti wrote July 4. “I love this country, our values and our people too much to sit by while they are destroyed.”


I get it. Avenatti hates Trump. Hell, most of us with premium package cable hate Trump, but now is not the time for a lawyer with no political experience to make a run at the highest office in the land. We already have a reality star in office and we see how well that’s working out. My hope is that all of this is just being said to get under Trump’s skin. Because the idea of Avenatti presidency feels destructive even if I like the work he’s done this far.

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Avenatti needs to stick to motor racing and being a badass attorney suing dumbass politicians.