Tomi Lahren Has Drinks Thrown at Her During Hip-Hop Brunch in Minneapolis

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Tomi Lahren and her mother, Trudy, walked into a Saturday brunch in Minneapolis over the weekend, and they didn’t receive a warm welcome. The Lahren women instead got accosted at the Union Restaurant, and Topher had water and obscenities hurled at her.


Excuse me while I try to find a fuck to give.

The incidents were captured and posted on Twitter, and in one video, you can see the unidentified person hurl a drink at Tomi’s overprocessed bleached hair.


Tammy’s mom attempted to defend her daughter as the water thrower said, “Fuck Tomi.” When the bouncer, identified by the Blast as Jeremy Jackson, tried to intervene, Tobias was a bit peeved that he wanted her to leave the area instead of kicking out the brunchers.

“I said [to Lahren], ‘I’d like to separate you all if [I] can, please—’ and she responded, ‘You’re just going to kick me out for them throwing water? Unbelievable,’” Jackson stated.

Eventually, Jackson did remove the water thrower from the venue, but by that time, she’d already been labeled a hero.


Of course, in typical caping fashion, people defended Tonsillectomy against her water attacker’s violence:


Hey ... at least it was only water. I hear those Bloody Marys can burn, and the acid probably isn’t good for bleached hair. If you need a little tune to get through your day, one of the brunch attendees remixed the “Fuck that bitch” chant:

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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People can bitch about not “resorting to violence” but part of making the world a nicer place for marginalized people is shutting up racists and other assholes. Punching Richard Spencer in the face, tossing drinks at Tomi Lahren, these aren’t just things that give me a warm fuzzy, they’re laudable actions that contribute towards making racists consider the consequences of actually opening their mouths. We can’t always make people believe genuinely in equality, but I’ll take being forced by law and/or fear to act like it as a close second.