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Ohio 4th-Grader to Receive Kidney From Teacher

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Screenshot: WCMH-TV

A teacher in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, is giving a student at her school a gift that could save her life. Tanya Thomas, a fourth-grade teacher at Slate Ridge Elementary, came across a Facebook post about a student who was looking for a kidney donor. Little did she know that the student, 10-year-old Eva Brown, was a student in a classroom right next to hers.


Last year, Eva was diagnosed with collapsing focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, or FSGS, and was told that she would need a kidney transplant.

“She’s not even Eva’s teacher, she’s just a teacher at her school who responded to a Facebook post, and who does that for somebody they don’t know?” Eva’s mom, Alana Brown, said in an interview with WCMH-TV. 

Thomas was tested earlier this year to see if she was a match for Eva, and although Thomas is prepared to donate her kidney, Eva has had a health setback and was readmitted to the hospital this week. However, Thomas says that when Eva is healthy enough, the transplant will happen in June..


“I thought I was going to lose my baby, and now I can watch her grow up,” Brown said of her daughter. “I can watch her play. I can see her go to prom and get married one day, and I look forward to seeing the woman she’s going to be, and that’s because of Tanya Thomas.”

Living-donor donations are important, and more people should take it into consideration. To learn more, visit the website.

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weapon-a the first try suffers no trolls

Wow... With all the bullshit going on in our nation today, all the shit that makes me question humanity.... Once in awhile we get an amazing story like this. She is giving an organ. TO A STRANGER. I know it happens practically every day, but it still amazes me when someone is willing to literally give a part of themselves to another person. Wow...