Stop Calling Us ‘Females’ for Real, Though

The past few weeks have been a shit show.

Between Kanye’s “free thoughts” and news about Nas, Bill Cosby and R. Kelly, we’ve been inundated with anti-black, misogynistic and overall trash takes disguised as “unpopular opinions.”

Men and women alike are defending people like Kelly and Cosby for their decades’ worth of sexual abuse allegations. VSB’s Damon Young already broke down why you don’t care about black women and children if you’re still defending people like Kelly, but there’s something else that sticks out when people use their Twitter fingers to defend these flaming piles of trash: their aggressive use of the word “female.”

Illustration for article titled Stop Calling Us ‘Females’ for Real, Though
Illustration for article titled Stop Calling Us ‘Females’ for Real, Though

(For the record, even if “female” or “females” were replaced by “woman” or “women,” these tweets would still be trash takes; but for the sake of this article, we’ll stay on track.)

There have been countless articles by both women and men about why everyone should stop referring to women as “females,” but as Ye has shown us, people just don’t like to read. So maybe you’ll watch instead. Young breaks it down in the video above.

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Yo, my girlfriend does this shit. I keep having to remind her that we aren’t talking about ANIMALS. She also calls grown ass women “girls”. I’m glad I’m starting to get through to her on that dumb shit. She also calls me “daddy” ALL the time though, and I have to continually remind her that she already has a father, and that shit is creepy.