Virginia Tech Assistant Coach Resigns After Getting Outed on Twitter for Alleged Affair

Galen Scott
Galen Scott
Screenshot: Virginia Tech Athletics

A Virginia Tech assistant football coach resigned after emails and social media blasts accused him of having an extramarital affair.


“I made a mistake, man,” coach Galen Scott, who had been promoted to co-defensive coordinator in January, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch shortly after the university announced his resignation Friday. “I made a mistake and hurt my family. I just have to make sure I can handle that.”

An email sent to Virginia Tech and the Times-Dispatch detailed the alleged affair.

Scott, who is married with two children, told the Times Dispatch that not every detail in the email was true but that his behavior was inappropriate, and that was why he was stepping down.

“It was just an integrity deal,” Scott told the Times-Dispatch. “I just made a mistake. I don’t think it was just the emails. The emails just threw that out there.”

The bizarre story began to unfold around April 23, when tweets were posted from a public Twitter account, @Diggy1973. Yes, the account name was a shoutout to Diggy Simmons, Rev. Run’s rapping son. I don’t know what Diggy has to do with this or anyone who openly loves Diggy Simmons; nonetheless, someone claiming to be the husband of the woman allegedly involved in the affair with Scott began contacting everyone with accusatory tweets.


Tech announced Scott’s resignation Friday. Scott was the fourth-highest-paid assistant on the staff and would have made $338,000 this season.


Scott told the Times-Dispatch that beyond hurting his family, he doesn’t know how he’s going to be able to put his life back together.

“All this stuff is out on Twitter,” Scott said. “I don’t even know if I can get another job.”

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