Watch: Patti LaBelle Remembers Prince

Patti LaBelle fondly remembers the time she found out that Prince could talk.

“Everybody knew he could talk, but he doesn’t talk very much,” LaBelle said. “But this particular day he talked to me like he was my son.”


LaBelle is referring to a day in 1988 when she and her then-music director, James “Bud” Ellison, flew into Minnesota to work with Prince. They recorded “Yo Mister” and “Love 89” at Paisley Park Studios.

After the studio session, Prince asked LaBelle to cook for him—she obliged and pretty much threw down. The two later went to a disco, where they danced the night away. The rest is history.


“It was a very wonderful relationship. I don’t know what happened, why we were that way, but I feel blessed to have been in his life like that,” said LaBelle.

On the second anniversary of Prince’s death, Patti LaBelle tells The Root an epic tale of her adventures with the iconic musician.

See the entire video above.

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