Figurines Depicting White Cherub Stepping on Head of Black Cherub Removed From Detroit Dollar Store After Customer Complaints

WXYZ-TV screenshot
WXYZ-TV screenshot

A metro Detroit Dollar Store removed some ugly ass figurines from its shelves after the images depicted sparked controversy among customers who complained about the racial undertones.


According to WXYZ-TV, the figurines were being sold at the Super Dollar Center in Lincoln Park. The statuettes showed a white cherub, decked out in armor and holding a sword, with his foot on the head of a black cherub with horns, appearing to be depicting the archangel Michael defeating Satan, according to the news station.

Needless to say, some found the image depicted disturbing.

“It has a racial undertone, and why does the baby have to be black?” a resident, identified as Reniqa G., told the news station. “If they wanted to portray a message, they could have been the same color—so to me, it’s almost like blacks are inferior.”

Others were not sure if the figurines were “racial,” but they still just didn’t like the look of the statuettes.

“Racial? I’m not sure. I just don’t like the look of it,” customer Karmen Curry said.

The news station notes that it was a customer who brought the figurines to its attention. Last week, the customer called the store and asked for them to be removed. However, when the news station showed up to the store Tuesday, they were still there, until the owner started to take them down.

The owner told WXYZ that he had meant to take them down last week but got distracted by the busy holiday season. With the news team there, however, the figurines were removed pretty quickly.


Read more at WXYZ-TV.

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REDACTED: I understand now that one is supposed to be a devil, but, still, c’mon...