Petty on Fleek: Texas Woman Is Selling Her Now Famous Anti-Trump Stickers

KPRC Click2Houston screenshot
KPRC Click2Houston screenshot

Karen Fonseca, who I am now convinced is a national hero, is looking to sell the “Fuck Trump and Fuck You for Voting for Him” stickers that made her internet-famous.

According to KHOU-TV, the Fort Bend County, Texas, woman and her children are selling the notorious “Fuck Trump” bumper stickers, and she’s also planning to sell “Fuck Troy Nehls” bumper stickers for those local folks who aren’t feeling the Fort Bend County sheriff.

Fonseca, who is selling each sticker for $15, says they are going fast.

“Why would you put it on your vehicle if you didn’t agree with me?” Fonseca said.


Fonseca’s viral fame began when an image of her truck boasting the sticker went viral. Nehls posted a picture of the vehicle last week, asking to have a word with the owner.

“If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you. Our Prosecutor has informed us she would accept Disorderly Conduct charges regarding it, but I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it,” Nehls wrote in his threatening message.

The comment of course sparked outrage and backlash, and Nehls seemed to backtrack on his words.

Nonetheless, Fonseca still ended up behind bars on an old fraud charge the following day, with bail set at $1,500. She was ultimately released after posting bond, but, fuming with anger, she then lashed out again, adding a “Fuck Troy Nehls and Fuck You for Voting For Him” sticker to her profane collection.


But Fonseca is not only petty, she is also entrepreneurial, and is using her newfound fame to get her funds in order.

“I never chose to be in the news at all,” she told the news station, “until Troy Nehls made it public on his personal Facebook page.”


And her sticker has also bumped up sales of anti-Trump stickers that were designed by young Fort Bend County Democrats, according to KHOU-TV. Their sticker sales had been stagnant for about three months, but they recently sold 120 in a mere three days.

“It’s turned into this bigger thing; everything is back-ordered,” Ali Hasanali, who works with the Democrats, said. “We can’t print enough. Even if they want to buy now, there’s going to be a delay because we have to print a lot more up.


“My hat’s off to Karen for being forthcoming and not being pressured or intimidated,” Hasanali added. “She’s a rallying cry for anyone who cares about individual liberties.”

My hat’s off to Karen as well. May your pettiness inspire us forever.

Read more at KHOU-TV.

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Yo make T-Shirts, cups, Water Bottles, Mouse pads the whole nine. For months these low life assholes strutted around in “Trump That Bitch” gear and “Lock Her Up” merchandise. It’s time to let the minority know that they aren’t the majority. They said the time for PC is over, good. She expressed how many of us feel. No more going high, they want to live in the gutter? Good you have company and you can all eat a dick.