Bank Better Have My Money: Armed 86-Year-Old Woman Demands That Tellers Pay Her What They Owe Her

WTXF Fox 29 screenshot
WTXF Fox 29 screenshot

Do not play with Grandmama’s money.

A Philadelphia senior, armed with a .38-caliber revolver and pushing a walker, went into a TD Bank on Tuesday afternoon to demand the cash she thought she had been shorted the day before. WTXF Fox 29 reports that the 86-year-old woman had made a withdrawal Monday, only to come home and realize she was $400 short. She returned the next day to the West Philadelphia bank, bereft of fucks to give, with her unloaded gun in tow and her bullets in her bag, and demanded that the tellers pay her what they owed her.


They did, but before the elderly woman could push her walker out of the bank, cops quickly apprehended her.

Police questioned the senior for several hours, as well as bank employees, customers and the elderly woman’s family, who had come there to console her. She was finally escorted out by police at 6 p.m., steadily pushing her walker and rocking a baseball cap, scarf and jacket, into the cool Philadelphia night.

Seriously, I see Grandma’s yellow sweater, and I so hope to be the woman who wears bright colors when I get my Bonnie sans Clyde on.

By the time WTXF Fox 29 aired its story, police had yet to determine what, if any, charges would be filed against the 86-year-old.

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I picture her kids getting that call.