‘Can’t Wait to Stab Your Neck’: Don Lemon Receives Racist Death Threats From Trump Supporter

CNN screenshot
CNN screenshot

CNN’s Don Lemon has been the target of a series of racist death threats by an apparent white supremacist Donald Trump supporter, leaving the anchor so concerned that he apparently contacted the police.


According to TMZ, Lemon contacted the New York City Police Department on Wednesday after receiving multiple messages on Twitter, including ones that read, “fuck you nigger can’t wait to stab your neck” and “U r a pile of rotting dogshit, racist, communist, socialist, Liberal moron asshole, i will find u U will pay. i’ll see u real soon.”

The Twitter user self-describes in his or her profile as a “white nationalist conservative . pro gun anti islam anti terrorist anti leftist yes i HATE demorats, blm, antifa ,socialists. heavily armed racist.WLM.”


The user also makes it clear that he or she is a Trump supporter.

Lemon has been extremely vocal in his criticisms of Trump and actually made headlines earlier this week after reading an emotional letter on air blasting the president for his treatment of the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, who was killed in Niger.

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Funny how all the violent racist domestic terrorists are always Trump supporters, still. Every single time. Always. Every one of them.