Mich. Woman Locked Out of Her Home Was Terrified After Glimpsing Racist Text Message Locksmith Sent

Fox 2 Detroit screenshot
Fox 2 Detroit screenshot

A Southfield, Mich., woman was left shaken and terrified after seeing a racist text message sent by a locksmith, who was supposed to be helping her out.


According to WJBK-TV, the woman, who asked not to be identified, was locked out of her condo and called for help. The locksmith who was helping her out set down his phone, but his text messages were still up and what the woman saw stunned her.

“She’s in a little rush there so give her a call tell her u on the way pls,” someone texted the locksmith.


“Fuck that nigger ... just kidding,” the locksmith responded.

“I felt so shocked,” the woman told the news station. “I am concerned for my safety. The fact he is a locksmith, he can get into anything. I was afraid he could have attacked me. If you feel that way about my race, you could have done anything to me and I’m here alone. He could have done anything.”

The owner of the business, MNY Locksmith, that contracted the man told the news station that that kind of language would not be tolerated and said that the contractor was no longer working for his company. In addition, the woman was refunded for the work that was done.

The woman, however, is still not feeling safe, especially given that the man who sent the racist text is a professional locksmith. She told the news station that she would be contacting the police and wants to get a personal protection order against the man.


Read more at Fox 2 Detroit.

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Mzz DeBurgos

Yes, perfect. I call bullshit on us always being the ones who have to take the high road in regards to shitty white people and their many, many shitty actions. We need to start taking a page from their books, and start declaring all of their actions as threatening to our personal safety. Remember, we have fucking history to back up our feelings.