Was Ted Cruz on Late-Night Twitter Liking Porn?

@tedcruz via Twitter
@tedcruz via Twitter

I never thought that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and I had anything in common, and we still don’t, but old freak-ass Cruz has made himself more human by liking a porn video on Twitter.


On Monday, Cruz’s official Twitter account was caught “liking” an X-rated porn video. In truth, I don’t know if Cruz or someone on his staff liked the video. I also don’t know if his account was hacked, but I’d like to believe that Cruz logged into late-night Twitter, and because he’s old and doesn’t understand how Twitter works, he believed that “liking” said video meant that he’d actually get to see said video because he’s a freak.

Here’s how the New York Post described the video:

In the clip posted by a porn-video account called @SexuallPosts, a blond woman who vaguely resembles Cruz’s wife, Heidi, enthusiastically watches as two naked people have sex on a couch.


What makes Cruz’s page liking the video even better is that he’s a staunch Republican who prides himself on his “strong religious convictions and family values stance,” the Post reports.

Cruz is so against self-pleasure that he once even supported a ban on sex toys. But don’t worry, followers of Cruz; someone unliked the video early Tuesday.

Read more at the New York Post.

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Am I the only one who thinks Ted Cruz totally doesn’t watch porn? Not because I think he’s some paragon of virtue but because I bet he’s the most vanilla, missionary only, 3 pump chump in the world. I’d believe it more if his wife were watching it. Although she’s probably into cuckold porn (and definitely interracial).