Watch: New App Lets Men Shop Like a Boss and Make the World a Better Place

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Isaac Ewell believes looking good shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Ewell, a Morehouse and Harvard grad, left a lucrative job in education to lead a burgeoning startup company, Onehunted. This Philadelphia-based tech-lifestyle brand offers events and experiences, encouraging men to be their authentic selves, or “one hundred.” Get it?

And as the co-founder and CEO of a men’s brand, Ewell had to look the part. But with a limited budget, given his career change, Ewell had to become smarter about how he went about his “hunt” for clothing. Furthermore, he wanted to dispel the myth that those who are stylish aren’t socially conscious. “You can look like a boss and make the world a better place in the process,” Ewell tells The Root.

The Onehunted co-founder is proving just that—and making the experience accessible through e-commerce—with the recently launched app Huntrs by Onehunted. Huntrs, a virtual consignment shop, allows users to buy and sell gently used clothing and accessories peer to peer.


“Over the years, men have been thought of as more Neanderthals, and what we want to present is that we are much more multidimensional than that. … We aren’t the guy whose wife needs to go out and shop for him,” Ewell tells The Root.

Watch our entire conversation below:

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