Hariette Cole and Janet Young
The Root Live

In many African-American families, when we have an important issue to discuss, we gather in the kitchen and bring it to the table. That’s especially true for financial discussions, whether about how to pay the bills, how to send Junior to college or where to start looking for a new job.

For the next four weeks, The Root Live: Bring It to the Table, hosted by Harriette Cole, will dig deep with expert guests for solutions to some of your family’s most vexing financial concerns. Sponsored by Prudential, The Root Live: Bring It to the Table will address such topics as caring for elderly relatives, being a financially successful parent, subsidizing adult children and finding creative ways to fund an education.


Today’s episode will air at 11 a.m. EDT at The Root, and the topic will be “Why Not Retire Young.” We'll look at whether you can afford to retire early, how to plan wisely and how you might spend your time in retirement. We'll also answer questions about building a 401(k) and selecting the right investment properties.

Guests will include Steven Wilkinson, who is president and financial adviser at Wilkinson Wealth Management. He will focus on the strategies for creating a nest egg for early retirement. 

Paula Madison is currently chairman and CEO of Madison Media Management LLC, a Los Angeles company that invests primarily in emerging media, entertainment and communication businesses. In 2011 Madison retired from NBCUniversal, where she had been executive vice president of diversity. She will talk about ways to plan so you can leave the workforce when you're young.  


Dr. Janet Taylor, of AARP, will discuss the mindset of those who retire early and how they want to spend their retirement years.

The Root Live: Bring It to the Table can be seen here at The Root every Wednesday at 11 a.m.