The Vine: Marcus Samuelsson's Melting Pot

The celebrity chef can speak in depth about Africa, middle-class life in Sweden and, of course, living and working in Harlem. Being "in many different worlds is really an opportunity," he tells The Root. Watch him talk about modern black leadership, eating inexpensively and learning how to code-switch.


As part of the Vine series on leadership, The Root's Omar Wasow interviewed the Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised celebrity chef about code switching, the difference between eating expensively and eating well, and the unique role of today's African-American leaders.

"Being able to be in many different worlds is really an opportunity," he says. "I can talk to you about Africa in depth. I can also talk to you about middle-class life in Sweden and I can definitely talk to you about being a Harlemite. I see food as my window to engage in conversation."