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Going in Peace

A woman is arrested for peacefully protesting during a civil rights rally.

"Before I be a Slave, I'll be Buried in My Grave…"

The Chaney family as they depart for the funeral of James Chaney, Philadelphia, Mississippi, 1964.

I Am a Man

I Am a Man/ Union Justice Now campaign, Memphis, Tennessee, 1968

Police Inhumanity

Taylor Washington arrested in Leb's Delicatessen, Atlanta, 1964.

Voices of Freedom

Andrew Young, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lewis in Selma, Alabama, 1965.

I Have a Dream

A manifestation of what Dr. King dreamt about.

And the Home of the Brave

A man marches for his civil rights while holding the American flag.

A Day at the Park

Kelly Ingram Park, Birmingham, 1963

The Couple that Marches Together, Stays Together

Dr. King and Coretta Scott King leading marchers, Montgomery, Alabama, 1965

Poster Child

Woman kneeling with her sign during a demonstration, 1963.