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A funky find: If there were any doubts that the Smithsonian's African-American museum will be amazing, the national museum's recent acquisition of Parliament-Funkadelic's Mothership should get rid of them.


Justice to be served? Members of the student government at the London School of Economics, where Sanitoshi Kanazawa (the evolutionary psychologist and blogger responsible for a study that supposedly proved that black women are "objectively" unattractive) works, have unanimously voted to kick his racist butt to the curb. The only question is, will the school's administrators actually do it?


Au revoir, sayonara, auf wiedersehen: Did you hear the one about how the world's going to end tomorrow? It's a trending topic on Twitter, so it must be true.


Macho, macho man: Beloved 1980s and '90s wrestling superstar Randy "Macho Man" Savage died in a car accident at the age of 58.

In other news: Michelle Obama Joins the 2012 Campaign Trail.

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