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Why we should support a ban on sagging pants: Wait a minute. Did Larry Platt of "Lookin' Like a Fool With Your Pants on the Ground" fame get into drafting legislation when he disappeared from the YouTube spotlight? Seems like it to us. Florida Gov. Rick Scott is poised to sign a bill that would ban sagging pants in the state's public schools. Specifically, the measure, prohibiting students from exposing any "body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner," has already been passed by both houses of the state Legislature. To those who think "reeks of racially tinged politics, ultimately to profile and harass black men," the Atlanta Post's Mo'Kelly says, "They say you can't legislate morality, but you can surely legislate against stupidity."


White people, why aren't you embarrassed by Trump? Black America Web's Gregory Kane astutely points out that while "black folks have had an ongoing discussion about our buffoons — real, imagined and alleged — for years," there's been no equivalent groundswell of racially based shame around Donald Trump's recent ridiculous Birther antics. It would take a team of historians and sociologists to get to the bottom of that one, but meanwhile, Kane has put out a classified ad in an attempt to even out the collective-humiliation playing field: "Wanted: One white American who will stand up to Donald Trump and say, 'Dude, please stop! You're embarrassing white people!' "


Can a parent lose custody for being a neo-Nazi? Jeff Hall, a white supremacist leader in the Los Angeles area, was shot to death by his 10-year-old son on May 1. The New York Times noted in its account of Hall's life that he managed to win custody of the children from his ex-wife. Can a judge take into account extreme political views when deciding a custody battle? Slate says yes — they can weight just about any factor except race and, under some circumstances, religion. Read the full explanation here.


Sarah Palin: "I know the lyrics to 'Rapper's Delight' ": The best thing that came out of the controversy over Common's White House invitation? Sarah Palin took to Fox News, proclaiming, "I'm not anti-rap. In fact, like Bret Baier, I know the lyrics to 'Rapper's Delight,' too." We would almost vote for her for president in exchange for hearing her rendition of the 14-minute song, which we predict might knock that 2008 interview with Katie Couric out of the top spot on the list of her hilariously bumbling awkward moments.

In other news: Libya: Qaddafi Makes TV Appearance.

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