The Root Fetes Obama’s 2nd Inauguration

Boldface names -- from Chris Tucker to Eric Holder -- joined us at an inaugural ball for the history books.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    On Jan. 19, 2013, The Root held its second inaugural ball in its five-year existence — a follow-up to a 2009 fete for Barack Obama’s first inauguration. More than a thousand guests — including Angela Bassett, Chris Tucker, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Attorney General Eric Holder — joined The Root’s staff, writers, friends and sponsors at the National Museum of American History to celebrate the historic occasion. 

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    Derrick Davis

    The scene as guests entered the museum.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Donald Graham, CEO and chairman of the Washington Post Co. — The Root’s parent company — with Henry Louis Gates Jr., who is The Root’s editor-in-chief, as well as the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African-American Research at Harvard University. 

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Extras A.J. Calloway stopped by. 

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    Derrick Davis

    The Root’s managing editor, Sheryl Huggins Salomon; The Root’s political correspondent, Keli Goff; and Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Gates is flanked by Julian Castro, the San Antonio mayor who made a splash as the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention last year, and his twin brother, newly elected U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas).

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Calloway interviews Gates and actor Chris Tucker on the green carpet.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Online and tech guru — and member of The Root’s executive board — Omar Wasow snaps a pic with Gates.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Gates, Tucker and The Root’s publisher, Donna Byrd.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Powerful sisters! CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux and Suzette Malveaux, associate dean for academic affairs at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Mike Phillips and his band provided the music for the star-studded event.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    R&B singer Kenny Lattimore surprised guests with an impromptu performance.

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    Derrick Davis

    Calloway and Tucker share a laugh.

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    Derrick Davis

    Jamie Hector, the actor best known for his role as Marlo Stanfield on The Wire, arrives.


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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Salomon welcomes U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife, Dr. Sharon Malone.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Rev. Al Sharpton was in attendance.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Rachel Stuart, former BET host, and husband Paxton Baxter, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Centric.

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    Derrick Davis

    Phill Wilson of the Black AIDS Institute and guest.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

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    Derrick Davis

    The Roots digital sales planner and ad innovations strategist, Michelle Okeke, with editorial interns Stacy-Ann Ellis and Celeste Little.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Acclaimed journalist (and contributor to The Root) Charlayne Hunter-Gault with Salomon.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Gates welcomes guests.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Next up, Salomon.

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    Derrick Davis/The Root

    Byrd also said a few words of thanks to both attendees and sponsors, which included Marriott, Sprite, Heineken, Microsoft and SmartWater.

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    Derrick Davis

    Graham chats with the band.

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    Derrick Davis

    The end of the affair.

    Click through for more shots from The Root’s ball, all by Derrick Davis. If you were a guest, see if you can spot yourself!

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