The Frugalista’s Gift Guide

Don’t bust your budget this holiday season—if you haven’t heard, there’s a recession going on. Some of the best things in life really are free—or at the very least, dirt cheap.

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  • Princess Tiana Doll

    Princess Tiana Doll

    You can give this doll to your baby nieces or even good-and-grown women who live in South Florida and blog about frugality. Oh, wait, that’s me. Yep, Disney’s first African-American princess is hitting the retail scene royalty. I’ve seen prices from about $16 to $35. She is on my Christmas list. Princess Tiana is cute and snags a man in the end. I’m not sure if her new man is a brother, but nowadays a lot of black women are open to “trying something new.”


  • New Kicks for The Kids

    New Kicks for The Kids

    If you have a little one to buy for, give them a pair of Chuck Taylor’s for $19.90. I buy my niece a new pair of sneakers every year, and I never spend more than $30 on her gift. This year, Chuck Taylor’s are fitting. I mean if the first lady can rock them, why can’t the little lady or man in your life wear them, too?

  • Words are Worth More

    Words are Worth More

    I am a big fan of this one, but I am so scared to do it. Which makes it priceless. Write someone you care about a letter and put it in a card. How often do we get a chance to tell people how we feel without being urged? In my life, rarely. Make the time to express yourself. It is a gift that could pay off big.

  • Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

    Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

    Most people can’t be mad at you if you come bearing chocolate. As a gift, it brings the giftee a quick and satisfying experience. (Does that description sound like a one-night stand? Forgive.) Godiva has a four-piece Gold Ballotin set for $6.50. Tell the person you buy it for the gold has been doing well in the market. You can also make your own chocolate, too. People love a gift from the heart.

  • Make Memories

    Take your prized photos and compile them on, burn to a CD or DVD and give them to loved ones. Sometimes we take forever to upload our photos and rarely organize them other than on Facebook. Gift the give of memories.

  • Make up

    Make up

    For the lady in your life, E.L.F. has really affordable prices and the $15 make-up brush set is tres affordable. Every lady knows she needs a full brush set, but it’s sometimes hard to part with the cash to do it. Do heavy lifting and buy one.

  • Tech Sexy

    Tech Sexy

    A hot LaCie USB hub for the techie in your life goes a long way. For only $19.99, the USB hub allows you to add seven USB ports to your computer. The hub looks like a piece of modern art on your desk.