The Strange Face of Jim Crow

From Sambo ads to Mammy jars to lynching postcards, the propaganda that reinforced segregation.

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    E. Riley/Saxx Music Co./Jim Crow Museum

    Justifying Racism With Images

    The following historical images and photos of memorabilia may be disturbing, but they show the foundation being laid for negative stereotypes of African Americans that persist to this day in a less overt fashion. This slideshow is not meant to glorify, but rather to teach. Read more about how these images came to be in “Should Blacks Collect Racist Memorabilia?

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    Jim Crow Museum
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Coons-Look-Alike-440se_1
    M. Whitmark and Sons
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Jim-Crow-ThomasD-440se_1
    E. Riley
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Life-in-Philadelphia-440se_1
    Library of Congress
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Jemimas-Wedding-Day-440se_1
    Saxx Music Co./Wikimedia Commons
  • images2Fslides2FOur_Christmas_tree__Keppler_1899_1
    Keppler, illustration from Puck, v. 46, no. 1190 (Dec. 27, 1899)
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-minstrel-jubilee-570se_1
    Library of Congress
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Imperial-Minstrels-570se_1
    Wikipedia Commons
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Chlorinol-Bleaching-440se_1
  • images2Fslides2FThe_Dogwood_Tree_Postcard_1908__1
    Harkrider Drug Co., Center, Texas, 1908
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-joyRide-in-Florida-570se_1
    The Cochrane Co., eBay
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-The-Contest-570se_1
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-All-in-Gator-Lunch-570se_1
    Postal Card & Novelty Co., eBay
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-figure-and-alligator-440se_1
    Jim Crow Museum
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Bellhop-Cookie-jar-440se_1
    Jim Crow Museum
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Mammy-Cookie-Jar-440se_1
    Small Town Antiques, eBay
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Jolly-Bank-570se_1
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Adventures-Dutch-Girls-and-Golliwogg-570se_1
    Kate Upton, 1895, Wikimedia Commons
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Mammy-Cookie-Jar2-440se_1
    Sharon Cumings, Pinterest
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Two-Loving-Hearts-440se_1
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Nuff-Stuff-Overalls-570se_1
    Hartmann-Schneider Co.;
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Who-Dat-Say-Chickun-440se_1
    Ullman Manufacturing Co., 1662, eBay
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-A-Bird-in-the-Hand-570se_1
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-A-Fowl-Proceeding-570se_1
    E.C. Kropp Pub. Co., Milwaukee,
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-A-Dream-of-Paradise-570se_1
    By H. Horina, published by J.I. Austen Co., Chicago
  • images2Fslides2FSambo-in-Watermelon-Greeting-from-Dixieland-570se_1
    Cole Book Co., 1906, eBay
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Little-Rastus-Grandpa-in-Heaven-570se_1
    Wilder Puck, Dec. 3, 1913, page 9, copyright Keppler & Schwarzmann, Library of Congress
  • images2Fslides2Fsambo-Hotmikado-440se_1
    Jim Crow Museum
  • images2Fslides2FBeer_advertisement_1
    Circa 1899, Library of Congress
  • images2Fslides2FColor_halftone_repro_1
    Color halftone reproduction of drawing signed in lower left Erhart; copyright Keppler & Schwarzmann. Illustration in Puck, Feb. 26, 1913 

    For the Sunny South. An Airship With a 'Jim Crow' Trailer

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