What Elin’s Divorce Settlement Could Buy

Elin Woods is rumored to be getting $700 million or more from Tiger in her divorce settlement. That's a hefty chunk of change, especially in a recession! So you have to wonder: What if all that money went to more, uh, worthy causes? The Root takes a look at the many woes that could be solved with a few hundred mil.

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  • Provide Unemployment Assistance

    Provide Unemployment Assistance

    On Elin’s dime, peace of mind could be purchased for 600,000 jobless Americans for 30 more days. That much money could extend their unemployment benefits for an additional month.

  • Support Oil Spill Relief

    Support Oil Spill Relief

    With just $170 million in compensation grants to states like Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi and $100 million to drill two more relief wells, Elin’s money could supplement some of the expenses that BP has purportedly accrued while trying to stem damage from April’s oil spill. Maybe the additional finances could actually help clean up the mess that’s been made of the Gulf Coast.

  • Help Haiti

    Help Haiti

    Rebuilding Haiti’s presidential palace would cost only $160 million, with plenty left over to put 200,000 Haitians back to work for a year and a half (at a cost of $5 a day) rebuilding their earthquake-devastated country.

  • House Katrina Survivors

    House Katrina Survivors

    $700 million should be able to provide 50,000 households that survived Hurricane Katrina with FEMA trailers, but when you throw in the cost of bureaucratic waste, that figure shrinks to 3,500 households.

  • Help Save Chicago Public Schools

    Help Save Chicago Public Schools

    While the projected $900M deficit that Chicago Public Schools face in fiscal year 2011 is probably more than Elin can bear, she could still clear more than half of their debt. In a city where youth violence is pervasive, isn’t more funding for education the best line of defense anyway? While her ex-husband expands campuses for his Tiger Woods Learning Center, she can make a difference at existing schools.

  • Fund Arts Education

    Fund Arts Education

    Public school art-education programs all over the country have taken a big hit in the recession. Funding for art supplies and equipment in New York City public schools fell by 68 percent between the 2006-’07 and 2008-’09 school years. For less than $400 million, arts education in the Big Apple could be fully funded for an entire year.

  • Fix D.C.'s Public Transit Deficit

    Fix D.C.'s Public Transit Deficit

    The Washington Metro system is raising costs and reducing services because of its $189M deficit. Elin doesn’t even need to give up the entire $700M to appease a city full of commuters and make this problem go away. How about it, Elin?

  • Treat HIV in America

    Treat HIV in America

    With $700 million, 1,000 Americans infected with HIV could receive treatment for their entire lives. C’mon, Elin, the Faglaro Island mansion, or decades of healthy, productive life for 1,000 fellow humans? This one’s a no-brainer!

  • Or Treat It in South Africa

    Or Treat It in South Africa

    The same amount could give up to 70,000 South Africans living with HIV 10 years’ worth of antiretroviral therapy!

  • Prevent Malaria

    Prevent Malaria

    $700 million could provide 70,000,000 mosquito nets for families in Africa who are at risk for contracting malaria. According to Malaria No More, malaria kills a child every 30 seconds, and a $10 net can help prevent this infectious disease.

  • Donate to Alvin Greene's Campaign

    Donate to Alvin Greene's Campaign

    South Carolina’s Democratic candidate for Senate is encountering quite a bit of skepticism — and cruelty — regarding the authenticity of his campaign. Though he was somehow able to raise the $10,000 candidate-registration fee, he’ll need far more financial support to make a dent against Republican incumbent Jim DeMint in November, whose war chest exceeds $3.5 million — pocket change for Elin.

  • Bail Out Another Housewife

    Bail Out Another Housewife

    While Elin may be asking for more than $700 mil, New Jersey housewife Teresa Giudice, of Bravo reality-show fame, could be saved with much less. Despite the exorbitant lifestyle she leads on TV, Guidice and her husband are some $11 million in debt. Once they stop faking the funk, maybe Elin could lend ’em a helping hand.

  • Bail Out an Entire Country

    Bail Out an Entire Country

    How about paying off the external debt of all of Equatorial Guinea? She’d still have half her fortune left to spend on designer shades.

  • Pay for YOUR Gas

    Pay for YOUR Gas

    For $700 million, Elin could give out 14,000,000 $50 gas gift cards, keeping your tank full and your transportation costs low (at least for a week)!