Images of Oakland

As part of The Root's series profiling the Bay city, we take a look at some of the faces and scenes in the wonderfully diverse Oak-town.

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  • West Oakland Skate Park

    Skaters enjoying the opening of a new West Oakland skate park.




    Photographs courtesy of The OakBook

  • Oakland Hills at Dusk

    The view from Oakland Hills just before nightfall.

  • Tanya Holland

    Chef Tanya Holland, a former Food Network star, on the opening day of her restaurant, Brown Sugar Kitchen.

  • Hamilton Valdez

    Hamilton Valdez, a native of Guatemala City, participated in the Mr. Gay Vaquero contest at Oakland’s Bench and Bar.

  • Chinatown Oak

    Yung Kee in Chinatown stays open late.

  • Joyce Gordon

    Joyce Gordon was one of the first on Oakland’s art scene. Her eponymous gallery has been a fixture in downtown Oak-town for seven years.

  • Halal Butchers

    Oakland’s halal butchers provide some of the best lamb in the East Bay.

  • Bocanova Oakland

    Bocanova, located in Jack London Square, is one of Oakland’s most popular restaurants.

  • Oscar Grant Mural Detail

    This mural was painted after the trial of the police officer who killed Oscar Grant.

  • Flora

    Flora, a restaurant in Uptown, is right across from the Fox Theater.

  • Out With The Old

    During the housing boom/bubble, old homes either got out of the way or got torn down.

  • Da Sung Sa

    Da Sung Sa is a restaurant in Oakland’s Koreatown.

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