8 of Our Favorite Photos of Nelson Mandela

The Root takes a look at some key moments from the iconic leader’s life.

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    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    Nelson Mandela in London for the concert at Hyde Park on June 27, 2008, to celebrate his life—and his upcoming 90th birthday.

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    Trevor Sampson/AFP/Getty Images

    President Nelson Mandela addresses residents of a squatter camp during his 1990 tour of South Africa’s townships.

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    Alexander Joe/Getty Images

    Nelson Mandela and his then-wife, Winnie, raise their fists to a cheering crowd after Mandela’s 1990 release from Victor Verster Prison.

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    Juda Ngwenya/Nelson Mandela Foundation/Getty Images

    Nelson Mandela celebrates his 90th birthday at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in 2008.

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    OFF/AFP/Getty Images

    Nelson and Winnie Mandela in a photo taken during their 1957 wedding. 

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    OFF/AFP/Getty Images

    Eight men, including Nelson Mandela, being carted away in June 1964 after being sentenced to life in prison.

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    Wikipedia Commons

    Barack Obama’s visit with Nelson Mandela in 2005 during his term in the Illinois Senate. 

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    Wikipedia Commons

    Nelson Mandela casting his vote in South Africa’s 1994 election.

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