Clueless Joe Jackson

Is Michael Jackson's father dishonoring the moment?

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  • The Grieving Dad

    Joe Jackson on the red carpet at the BET Awards. The show became a tribute to his late son, Michael Jackson.

  • The Mournful Hat Tip?

    While the world was mourning his son, Joe Jackson was on the red carpet at the BET Awards peddling his new music production company.

  • Red Carpet, Red Tie

    Did Joe Jackson forget that he’s 80 and supposed to be in mourning?

  • The Al Sharpton Press Conference

    You know what comes next, right? A march on somebody or something. Joe said he is concerned about what happened in the final moments of his son’s life. 

  • Crying Inside

    Joe Jackson explained to reporters that he is not one of those people who cries on the outside. “I’m crying inside,” he said.

  • Two Thumbs Up. Really?

    Joe Jackson acknowledges the fans who came to mourn his son, Michael Jackson, but how about a little reverence for the Gloved One?