Malia and Sasha: Home Alone?

The Obama family is used to traveling together, but this time around, the POTUS and mom in chief left the kids at the White House, while they're overseas. We've seen plenty of pictures of Barack and Michelle Obama's recent activities, but The Root can't help but wonder: What in the world are Malia and Sasha up to these days?

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  • Parental Supervision

    Parental Supervision

    Less than a month into their father’s presidency, Sasha and Malia Obama were seasoned passengers of Air Force One. Here, Mr. President and the first lady have the kids in-tow for a weekend trip to Chicago. This time around, though, travel plans were made for adults only. Who’s back home watching the first kids?

    Donna Britt: What would President Obama do without the women in his life?

  • Grandma Marian

    Grandma Marian

    Perhaps Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, is watching the kiddies while the mom in chief is away. Does Grandma Marian also handle hair upkeep? We all know that’s a job!

    The Root Contributors: Do you know how long it takes to flat iron this ‘ish??

  • Girls with Class

    Girls with Class

    School will surely be keeping Sasha and Malia busy during the day. True, they didn’t get to fly first-class on Air Force One this week, but at least they’re getting a first-class education.

    Anthony Jackson: How many languages can the Obama girls speak?

  • After-school Special

    After-school Special

    Other than going to class at Sidwell Friends, how have the Obama girls been occupying their time? Maybe playing with friends on the White House lawn? Just remember to steer clear of the newly planted vegetable garden, kids!

    Dayo Olopade: No playtime for President Obama — duty calls.

  • Kids at Play

    Kids at Play

    Maybe they’re running amok on their new playset. That should entertain them until the puppy comes around.

    The Root Contributors:  Dear Sasha and Malia, what are you going to name your puppy?

  • Destination: Europe

    Destination: Europe

    Meanwhile, in London, the Obama Mama and Dad have arrived fresh and fabulous.

    Rose-Anne Clermont: Does Europe still heart the Obamas?

  • Treated Like Royalty

    Treated Like Royalty

    Mom and dad are hobnobbing with the Queen of England. Do Malia and Sasha look this tiny next to them?

    David Swerdlick: Are we seeing way too much of President Obama? 

  • Off-Duty Mom

    Off-Duty Mom

    The mom in chief has her eyes on another set of young ladies. She visited the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language School, and it looks like Michelle’s under some supervision of her own.

    Kim McLarin: Michelle cooking eggs in the White House kitchen?

  • Greeting Dignitaries

    Greeting Dignitaries

    The president has been busy meeting world leaders and pausing for occasional photo-ops, like this one with Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz.

    Dayo Olopade: Watch out for these Obamas-in-training!

  • World Leaders Gone Wild

    World Leaders Gone Wild

    Smiling a little hard there, Mr. President. While posing for a picture with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (c) and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, President Obama looks downright giddy. Did somebody forget that the kids are waiting for him back at home?

    The Root Staff: Mr. President, the camera loves you!

  • Mother's Intuition

    Mother's Intuition

    Looks like the mom in chief hasn’t forgotten her babies. While chatting with Sarah Brown, wife of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Michelle looks as if she’s deep in thought. Maybe she’s wondering if Malia had a good breakfast this morning or if Sasha had a bad dream last night.

    The Root Contributors: Did Michelle make the right choice?

  • Guess not ...

    Guess not ...

    On second thought, maybe she’s glad to get a little time off. Braiding pigtails or tea with the Queen? We definitely understand, Michelle.

    Stanley Crouch: Michelle, my belle! An ode to the first lady.

  • Family Reunion

    Family Reunion

    Soon enough, though, President Obama and the first lady will be back in the White House and on-duty as parents. There’s much to do in America, but Malia and Sasha will always be priority No. 1.

    Natalie Hopkinson: Washington D.C. — The Obama family’s home sweet home.

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